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An experienced financial journalist, copywriter, and SEO professional. I've written for a number of leading international publications. Although my primary area of expertise is the world of finance, technology, and ethical business, I've also written on topics as diverse as motoring, sport, technology, gardening, and other lifestyle topics. As a copywriter, I've worked with companies such as Euromoney, KPMG, World Wildlife Fund, ING, and CareUK offering everything from ghostwriting, web content, press releases, blogs, and reports. I can also provide excellent social media, PR support, and SEO services.

Trading is to invest in financial instruments and earn profits. In forex trading, investors trade in currency pairs to make money. There are various currency pairs like major, minor or exotic that traders can select from.  Traders invest in the forex market with a trading account. They easily open their account and trade in the currencies. They have tools, indicators, charts and other advanced facilities to analyse the market.  But, how does forex trading work? To understand it, we have a brief analysis of forex trading.  What is the Forex Market? Forex is the foreign exchange market. It allows traders…

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